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Nite Ize Gear Line Organisation System

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Following on from the Atlas Strap, we would like to introduce you to Nite Ize's Gear Line - perfect for satisfying your organisational needs whether at home or in the wild.

The Gear Line comes in 2 lengths:

 2 ft Gear Line 4 ft Gear Line

- 610mm durable webbing with 6 loops

- 3x #2 Plastic S-Biners
- 3x #4 Plastic S-Biners

- 2x 12 inch Gear Ties

- 1220mm durable webbing with 10 loops

- 5x #2 Plastic S-Biners
- 5x #4 Plastic S-Biners

- 2x 12 inch Gear Ties


Use the included Gear Ties to hook the looped webbing onto almost anything. Then simply attached the S-Biners and start organising.

Why not set a ridge line above your hammock and then attach the Gear Line on to it so you can have all your items within reach! Or hook it on to the tree to keep your equipment of the wet ground.