Hammock Care

Just a few notes to keep in mind to maximise the life of your hammocks:

  • Remove sharp objects from your pockets before jumping into your hammock
  • Avoid placing your hammocks to close to campfire. Sparks & embers can damage the hammock.
  • Refrain from smoking while using your hammock.
  • Try not to leave your hammock out in the sun for a prolonged time (like a month!) as UV rays can damage the hammock material.
  • When not in use, it is best to stuff the hammock back in it's compression sack. Store in a cool, dry place.

Unfortunately damage from punctures, fire and UV are not covered by warranty.
However we understand accidents happen (like when our furry friends’ toenails are a little sharp) and holes or tears up to 5cm can be fixed by picking up a hammock repair kit.

Cleaning your hammock

  • ENO recommends washing your hammocks using a mild detergent on a cold gentle cycle or hand wash.
  • ​Please remove the carabiners before washing but the rope can be left on.
  • Only use a front loader washing machine as the agitator in a top loader can damage the hammock material.
  • Choose a cold cycle, either delicates or woolen will be fine.
  • Hang dry only (it shouldn’t take long! Just make sure its spread out properly...)